Basic Handgun


Our Basic Handgun Course is a private class consisting of a one-on-one or a small (private) group session. We start with the basics which are always safety first, after that we discuss the parts of the gun, ammo, handling, marksmanship, the whole package for the beginner or those who want to go back and get a solid foundation of the fundamentals. This is also an excellent opportunity for a new gun owner who is not familiar with their firearm. We will also cater to any specific needs you may have.

This is a great fundamental class and prepares you for the TN Permit Class if desired. This class is held at our private outdoor range in Coldwater TN and runs around 2 hours. This will be a hands on class and we will shoot a minimum of 50 rounds. The cost of the class is $50.00 per person. Group classes are priced according to number of students. Contact us for pricing on group classes.

This is a must have class for an introduction into handguns.