Advanced Handgun


ABOUT OUR CLASS: Our class is a culmination of training that we have learned from the nation’s elite schools. We have honed our lesson plan with range time under top tier instruction. We have condensed our class from traditional 2 and 3 day classes into a one day session (taking out all the fillers). What this means to you is you get a one day training class with what we consider the best that the big schools offer. You get the best of the best and without the hundreds of dollars per day fees! This is not a beginner’s class, you must know how to shoot your handgun and fully understand the functions of your gun. The class starts with a thirty minute safety and range review. The rest of the day is range time. Our class will provide you the latest training thought in Platform, Presentation, and Marksmanship. All additional training will be built on these three principals that will be rock solid by the end of the day. Our class continually evolves throughout the day to a higher level through introduction of a new tactics and plenty of drills. We will also give you plenty of the extras that we have learned along the way. You will leave this class very confident with your abilities and a lesson plan for practice to keep your skills honed. Our class size is a maximum of 6 people to ensure personal contact and a good progression throughout the day. At the conclusion of our class, students will be awarded an Advanced Handgun Certificate of Completion.

CLASS COST AND REQUIREMENTS: Our cost is $150.00 (cash, check, or Pay Pal), 50% deposit and reservations are required. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferrable to a different date. This class will not be available to everyone, all students must have a handgun carry permit, current background check or verified by our school to be a good law-abiding citizen. Dress for the weather and wear a cap with a bill, safety glasses and ear protection. The class is held at our private outdoor range in Coldwater TN.

SCHOOL SUGGESTIONS: Along with a reliable handgun and a good strong side holster that will remain open at the mouth when your gun in drawn (to facilitate in manipulations) is highly recommended , three magazines and magazine belt holder. For revolver folks, we suggest a couple of speed loaders with pouches. Be prepared to shoot around 250-300 rounds. Pack a lunch or grab something to eat at one of our nearby country stores and come train with us. Reservation sheet is required.

Feel free to contact me with any questions @ 931-993-1173 or

David Carlisle